BMW Models That Should be on Your Purchase List

bmw car 2

BMW is acknowledged around the world to be among the top three automotive manufacturers in Germany. BMW producers mainly target to manufacture cars that offer luxury and give effective performance regardless of the cost incurred. If you need to discover more on the top BMW models ever, this website will be quite helpful.

507 Roaster

The 507 roadster is one of the very best convertibles of all time and also famous for almost leading BMW to bankruptcy during its production. With its 140 horsepower V8 engine, the Roadster was a significant competitor to the Mercedes-Benz 300Sl. Besides taking Holywood by storm, the Roadster is quite preferred by some celebrities.


The Isetta BMW is one of the most known microcars. Isseta is a two-seater vehicle having only one cylinder engine and a power of 13. To add on this, Isetta has a top speed of 50 mph. As shocking as it may seem, it took BMW 8 years to produce it.

The BMW M1

The M1 is best known for its rare and creative design. The main reason why this model was created was for the BMW’S Procar Champion Series. The BMW M-division produced M1 as its very first car. To add on this, it is the only mid-engine model that has ever been produced. This product was immensely sought after by BMW fans since only less than 500 models were constructed.

The X1

The X1 is the most recent BMW model that was specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern user. Apart from this model providing enough space and safety, it also offers classic performance. It is also a subcompact SUV that will ensure you all the luxury you need. It is a good idea to go for the X1 model if you want a recent and elegant model that will meet your family needs.

The 2002 Tii Model

In the early 1960’s, the BMW brand was reinvigorated when they decided to come up with new models that had unibodies. On top of this, the new models were automobiles were sedans that had a square edge and featured independent rear suspension. These specifications made these cars to be the most popular BMW vehicle of all time. The 2002 Tii was the very first model in the new class of the luxury sedans that were produced.

The BMW Model You Should Go for

There is no specific BMW model that will emerge the best with all the models that BMW has. When it comes to meeting the needs of consumers, BMW has made it a point to produce many luxury performing cars. It is hence essential to know that your needs and style will guide you to selecting your most convenient model.

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